Lilla Kisbéri-Varga

Hi, I'm Lilla

A Budapest-based remote-first UX/UI designer driven by a constant demand for self-development

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How can I help you stand out?

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User Experience & User Interface Design

I solve your business problems with human-centered digital solutions based on thorough user research and a careful application of the 'double diamond' method.

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WordPress Web Design

Want to finally kickstart your pet project and need a safe, user-friendly, eye-catching business or personal website designed with marketing in mind? I'm your Swiss Army knife.

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Digital Marketing Consultancy

The Great Idea was born, but now it seems like you need to be an expert in everything? I will help you clarify what marketing activities you should focus your energy on.


me in a nutshell

I am an experienced marketing professional switching my career to UX/UI design. I spent 4+ years in marketing, working independently for diverse clients representing eLearning, industrial IoT, and info-telecom products. I am passionate about solving business problems with digital tools while also ensuring an excellent customer experience at every possible touchpoint.

featured clients

Trusted by teams of diverse organizations

Being an independent professional, I had the opportunity to partner with clients as a long-term remote contractor. Working for one or two main clients while providing marketing consultancy services to SMBs ensured great possibilities for trying myself out in diverse business environments.



Self-made entrepreneurs selling video courses to teach non-techies how to build unique, safe, good-looking websites with WordPress.



A startup developing a platform for real-time localization and industrial-grade wireless communication (UWB technology).​

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OKI Europe Ltd

A Japanese multinational company that manufactures and sells info-telecom and printer products.


What they say about me

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What they say about me

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Discover my latest works

Are you looking for my user experience/user interface design portfolio? Here you can find the case studies of my current and most interesting projects.

Coming soon

Do you hear gears squeak in the background?

I am working hard on my first case study. Please check back a little later because I will post it in a week or two. Or better yet, write me a message that you are interested in my work, and I will notify you by email as soon as I update my website.

My Advantages

Why work with me?

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Lifelong learner

Self-development is not just a buzzword for me. I get up every morning to use my digital skills to help people stand out, and I like to go to bed knowing that I outperformed myself compared to where I was the day before.

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Not just a lone wolf

Being a long-term contractor taught me how to work independently while constantly acting and communicating as a team member. Leadership skills are lurking inside me, waiting for the opportunity to surface.

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I celebrate diversity, and equal opportunity employers are close to my heart. I am committed to creating an inclusive environment for all of us, and I am happy to see that this matters to you as well.

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Experienced remote hermit

Working for 5+years remotely, I know all the ups and downs of the hermit lifestyle, and I adapted to them pretty well. And we are still not crazy yet, are we, my precious?

Let's make the world more

User-Friendly Together

I am always interested in new opportunities, and I would not miss peeking through a door opened ajar. Whatever possibilities you have in mind about our cooperation, feel free to contact me.

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Write me now