Let me tell you my story

I am a user experience & user interface design enthusiast based in Budapest, Hungary.

My superpower is being able to reinvent myself and find the path of development in every situation while using learning as a secret weapon to reach my goals.

As a multiple career changer, I followed my desire to grow and give space to both my practical and creative sides. But let's see how this all started...

Lilla Kisbéri-Varga


Where does an eager-minded language teacher end up if she happens to be a lover of digital solutions? My journey to eLearning

While attending university, I realized that a unique combination of creative and practical thinking characterizes my personality. Since I have been a lover of the humanities from my early childhood, I loved learning languages, and it was also vital for me to share my knowledge with others. I graduated as a language teacher.

As a teacher, I had to apply both my creative and my practical side to the class, project, and learning management. I loved doing that, but then I had my first child – the little Unicorn Princess – right after university, leading me to rethink my long-term plans.

It did not take long for me to realize that I would go crazy very soon as a full-time mom. So I continued teaching as a self-employed professional. Still, my focus has gradually shifted to eLearning due to my need for more flexibility and the passion I have always had for digital solutions.

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From apprentice to wizard – starting as an online marketing assistant, growing into an individual professional and consultant

While building my online presence as a teacher, I consumed more and more materials and courses about marketing and website building. I just realized how captivating this world was when I saw a job ad from two young entrepreneurs, the founders of WPViking Ltd.

They run their business under the WPKurzus brand in Hungary and sell online video courses. Their mission is to teach non-techies how to build a unique, safe, good-looking website with WordPress without any previous coding or design skills. At that time, this was Candyland for me, and I am proud that they have selected me as their first online marketing assistant from more than 250 applicants.

Tapping into marketing, I gained hands-on experience in the technical aspects of modern digital marketing solutions, and – driven by my natural curiosity – I further deepened my expertise. In the meantime, my second child – the little Hulk – was born. As I fell in love with remote working, I continued working as a mompreneur – an independent contractor providing marketing-related services.


What does my soul desire? UX/UI design is just a stone's throw away – except the half-year of hard work and late-night learning

The more insight I gained into specific areas of marketing, the more headache I had about what direction I should train myself. I wanted to take myself to the next level. Still, I felt that if I strictly limited my options to specializations within marketing, the delicate balance of my creative and practical analytical sides could tip over.

After cherishing the plan for a while, in 2020, I finally decided to venture into the terrain that had tempted me for years and moved towards UX/UI design. As I find it essential to build on a solid foundation, I have decided to invest in an 8-month-long project-based program that requires outstanding commitment and daily involvement. Brainster Vienna’s UX/UI design bootcamp offered me exactly that.

Through their immersive, remote, live bootcamp I have gained a better understanding of the field, and it allowed me to master my skills through working on real-life projects and become team-ready as we have also worked in remote teams.

I conduct thorough user research, and the base of my design process is the ‘double diamond’ method. I am passionate about solving business problems with digital tools while also ensuring an excellent user experience at every possible touchpoint.

missions for which I advocate

By being a self-employed professional, I had the freedom to choose which clients I want to work with. However, it also placed more responsibility on me. When partnering with clients, it has always been a critical aspect for me to base our relationship on a mutual set of values.

Empowering girls and women

Starting and building a career as a woman, and especially as a mother, was a rocky road for me. Let’s make the invisible barriers that pull back girls and women as visible as possible and break them down together.

Promoting work-life balance

I have found that even though I have finally managed to build my existence, the constant struggle for work-life balance was still present. I advocate for promoting a work-life balance that provides flexible working environments such as fully remote or hybrid.

Encouraging lifelong learning

In my opinion, having a growth mindset is not an option, it’s a necessity, and it is never too late to start learning. I regularly drive my retired parents crazy with this saying: ‘If I had known in advance that I would live to be 90, I would have started learning to play the guitar when I was 60.’

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What they say about me

I am thrilled to meet Lilla! She learned the know-how of the web design industry incredibly fast. She has the perfect sense and taste for page building, selecting colors, or designing the site's structure. Her work shows that she cares about the client from the heart and does not rest until she sees that the finished piece could even be her personal website. She loves to try new things and does not shy away from big tasks. She expects to be tested. I would especially want to point out that she doesn’t shy away from asking questions, from which I also learned a lot. Long story short, if you work with Lilla, you cannot go wrong. She puts her heart and soul into the projects, and it shows in all her work.

Bence Nagy

Bence Nagy, Founder

WPViking Agency​

I have worked on several projects with Lilla in the past four years. She had been a fantastic help providing customer-focused marketing and PR copies and translations. She also provided tremendous support with her insights when I was creating my professional blog. I love working with her because of her customer-first approach and proactive attitude. She knows what the customer needs, and she channels it into her work. She always respects the deadlines, does not need tight supervision, and you can be sure that the outcome is high-quality.

Réka Veszeli

Réka Veszeli

Digital Marketing Specialist at F5

My Advantages

Why work with me?

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Lifelong learner

Self-development is not just a buzzword for me. I get up every morning to use my digital skills to help people stand out, and I like to go to bed knowing that I outperformed myself compared to where I was the day before.

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Not just a lone wolf

Being a long-term contractor taught me how to work independently while constantly acting and communicating as a team member. Leadership skills are lurking inside me, waiting for the opportunity to surface.

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I celebrate diversity, and equal opportunity employers are close to my heart. I am committed to creating an inclusive environment for all of us, and I am happy to see that this matters to you as well.

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Experienced remote hermit

Working for 5+years remotely, I know all the ups and downs of the hermit lifestyle, and I adapted to them pretty well. And we are still not crazy yet, are we, my precious?

Let's get to know each other

Do you feel that by working together we could make the world more beautiful, more fun and simpler? Do not hesitate for a minute, write to me! I am here and looking forward to hearing from you about your latest ideas, plans, and pet projects. Or your foolproof recipes. I am an awful UX designer when it comes to cooking.